Friday, January 1, 2010

23. Skepticism will rise even if temperature doesn't

It doesn’t matter if one is a skeptic or an alarmist or none, the veritable charge sheet published by Christopher Booker and Richard North in The Daily Telegraph should be a matter of concern for everybody with a slightest degree of concern for `climate change’. The authors have accused IPCC Chairperson Dr R K Pachauri of making fortune from his links with carbon trading companies. I neither represent Exxon nor Greenpeace but am clear that the climate science is in a deep crisis of professional credibility due to this expose.

I agree with Dr Roger Pielke Jr, professor of environmental studies at the Center for Science and Technology Policy Research at the University of Colorado at Boulder, who wonders if the rebuttal issued by Dr Pachauri’s institute clears up the issue. The TERI rejoinder provides details of $ 250,000 in payments received over the past three years only. But what about the gains that might have accrued directly/indirectly to the organizations that he advised/served? Evidently, it is an issue of `conflict of interest’ that ought to be investigated.

Incidentally, anyone who points fingers at any of climate change proponents is considered an `idiot’. I’d be happy if I’m called so, `idiots’ have earned respect following the phenomenal success of `3 idiots'. The irony is that climate scientists are clearly accustomed to deference. Theirs is a community coddled by global elites, extensively funded by governments, celebrated by bollywood and honored with international prizes.

In his op-ed column in Washington Post, Michael Gerson aptly summed up the issue: `some of these (so-called) scientists are merely activists, deeply invested in a predetermined outcome. They assume that political change is the goal; the scientific enterprise is the means -- like a political ad or a campaign speech’. Since the experts have become advocates, it is time we stop believing the experts and avoid listening to such advocates.

Hasn't climate change strongest proponent Al Gore gone into the hiding already?

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Vinay said...

It would be good for the scientists to get down from the high pedestals they have perched on, by sheer luck, and actually apply scientific temper to these problems. We already have enough dalals going around the world, more so in India.