Wednesday, January 27, 2010

27. Not far from being a suicide republic

At 60, the republic has become a senior citizen, scapegoating public as necessary sacrifice in the name of progress and development. It has chartered a growth route on which neither poverty registers nor suicides matter. Our politicians and policies deserve praise for sustaining farmers' suicides, some 200,000 land tillers have been lost at the alter of development in past twelve years. For the agriculture minister, the pitch seems to be playing perfect. The uneven bounce may be fatal for farmers though, but not for the minister, bureaucrats and farm scientists.

With young students joining the league, the space and scope for suicide is getting expanded. A new script is being written where the word suicide cuts through all languages, no one need explain what it may mean. It has become a household term unlike in Ramesh Sippy's landmark film Sholay (1975) wherein a character was specially created to explain the term when an inebriated Dharmendra atop the village tank threatens suicide. `angrez log jab marte hain to ose suicide kehte hain' (when whiteman dies it is called suicide) was scripted by the writers to convey it's meaning to the masses. In less than two decades, suicide has become a household vocation for the masses.

If Salim-Javed were to do the Sholay script again they would be writing `desi aadmi jab marte hain to ose suicide kehte hain'.


Kabir said...

Yes it seems that we should name our country "Republic of suicides"!

Vijay Rai said...

What was supposed to be a republic "of the people, for the people and by the people" has become the republic "of the neta, for the neta and by the neta".

I think people are resigning and making a quick exit, some to a new country and some to a new world!

-Vijay Rai

δΈθˆ’ζœ said...

happy new year............................................................