Wednesday, February 3, 2010

29. P stands for creativity

P is silent in psychology but not in the movie 3 idiots. Unlike in a swimming pool where its presence could only be speculated, pee provides the apparent flow to the story in 3 idiots.The very idea of innovation is pitched around this saline excretion, it being a good conductor of electricity. Pee is so creatively woven into the script that for once the Hindi-challenged Chatur Ramalingam's (see picture) struggle to find a place for mutra visarjan (urination) through the 180-minute entertainer doesn't seem stupid.

Can pee trigger creativity? Not only in reel life, pee has its creative dimension in real life too. Not long ago, I was witness to a bizarre incident when my midnight travel from railway station was punctuated at a traffic junction. A minor commotion ahead of my autorickshaw raised my curiosity and I soon learnt that branded liquor was being sold for a pittance. Wow! The driver however cautioned me to avoid getting trapped into that late-night sale gimmick. Why?

Because, it isn't country liquor but fresh pee in a new bottle, sold every day at that traffic junction! After an initial shock, I could only laugh my way home. It may sound unethical but does it not speak volumes about the survival strategy of those who are engaged in this innovative vocation? At least, our pee bottlers are not playing with the lives of their unsuspecting customers. Else, they could have filled the bottle with country liquor!

Is human pee not better than country liquor? Only Morarji bhai could answer that!

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