Saturday, March 20, 2010

32. Watch who is into the act!

Did you notice that we have plenty of it and yet it keeps coming? Since our attitude towards it is more benign, the television and the internet keeps serving it endlessly. Ladies and gentlemen, it is called bullshit that the dictionary defines as non-sense or some foolish exaggerated talk. Play your memory back by couple of hours or if possible by a few days and you realise how much of it you have savoured recently.

From contested nominations to the upper house to acrimonious debates in the lower house, from dubious cine awards to outrageous political utterances, bullshit has been on offer all the way from Mumbai to Lucknow and beyond. The media-market nexus almost always chooses a glib ignoramus over an expert to further the concept of bullshit. No wonder, some newspapers and television channels could be respectfully re-named Bullshit Times and Bullshit TV in that order.

Be it the dubious case of glacier melting or exquisite piece of monetized garland, or be it the curious case of an artist's nationality or an idiot-box marriage of a politician's offspring, bullshitters are earning iconic status with their nonsensical persistence. The realms of advertising and of public relations, and that of politics, are replete with instances of bullshit as unmitigated that they can serve among the indisputable paradigms of our times.

The contemporary proliferation of bullshit may have deeper sources, which not only restrict any reliable access to an objective reality but do reject the possibility of knowing how things truly are. Though most people pretend confidence in their ability to recognize bullshit, they lack collective courage to unmask the bullshitters. Shockingly, neither has the subject been deliberated upon nor been put to sustained inquiry.

Aren't we becoming a bullshit nation?

(This write-up has been inspired by On Bullshit by Harry G. Frankfurt, Princeton University Press, Oxford, 63 pages, US$ 9.95)


Kuldeep said...

When verbal diarhoea becomes the measure of intellect and HOPE, bullshit can never be in short supply. And yes, it is widespread in all the corners of this global village. The higher we climb, more bullshit we can find. No wonder, the God of Bullshit, Market, is the most trusted and worshipped deity today.

Carmen said...

Contrary to verbal diarrhoea, our MLAs in Goa suffer from verbal constipation, which in terms of measure of intellect equals zero. However the quality of bullshit they supply when they manage to say a full sentence can even have vague overtones of French literature like Alexandre Dumas’ s D’Artagnan and the three Musqueteers ….
However, the overtones are inevitably references they misheard in school. So recently, spewing venom against three NCP MLAs in Goa, the Public Works Minister Alemao, in his characteristic style, scornfully referred to them as the three mosquitoes!

怡如 said...

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Sudershan K.Rao said...

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