Sunday, April 18, 2010

35. Your sickness makes doctor healthy

Did you hear what Dr P Venugopal, the illustrious heart surgeon, had to say about the business of `modern medicine'? Says he, `medical thrillers' wildest plots of ruthless profiteering are now common practice'. Shockingly, corporate hospitals do give doctors monthly targets for the number of stent procedures and scans. Such targets extend to other disciplines of medicine too, with the ever eager doctors ready to bring unsuspecting patients under scissor and scalpel.

Hasn't sickness become doctor's interest? The more people fall sick, the more the doctor/hospital stand to gain! Curiously, doctor's interest becomes not health but sickness. If everybody remains healthy, then the doctor will be the only one who will be sick. The mushrooming growth of private super-speciality hospitals is indeed a trap that the vulnerable fall into. One pays to remain sick!

A paradigm shift alone can keep the masses healthy. In China a revolutionary step was taken two thousand years ago. Under then new system the doctor had to be paid by the patient as long as the patient remained healthy. If the patient fell sick, then the doctor was not to be paid. Isn't it strange because we pay the doctor when we are sick. This is dangerous, because the system then makes the doctor dependent on our sickness.

And the difference lies in how `health' is perceived: in the West it is called `medicine', which relates to sickness whereas in the East the term is `ayurveda', which means `the science of life' - not of sickness.


Vijay Rai said...

Private hospitals are pro-profit organizations and there is no law to stop them from profiting even if it is health. That is the reason the person who calls the shots in a private hospital is not the doctor but the finance manager of the CEO, both MBA's.

The only thing that can halt this practice is a good working public health sector. But what Dr. Venogopal faced while trying to stick to the norms of good governance is well known, AIIMS and other premier public hospitals are facing exodus of doctors who are fed up of political and bureaucratic interference. The GOI has now floated a new mantra PPP (Public Private Partnership) in the name of good quality health care. So the private bug is now in public domain brought in by none other than our own government of the people for the people by the people.

Now we feed profiteering through taxpayers money and remain dependent on them for ever.

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Kuldeep said...

Insightful analysis!!
Can we, the sick consumers, demand guarantee and warranty period for the repaired body parts? If market forces are at work, why don't we hear of schemes like "Bypass surgery ke saath cosmetic surgery free"? The consumers still believe in the greatness of the doctor and consider him next to God, whereas he has been working like the corner grocery merchant.

rajendra said...

u are realy wonderfull. so importent a piece. but who bothers in india . did a ramdoss?