Tuesday, August 10, 2010

42. Lets watch the real game

Hadn't heard of toilet paper worth 4,000 bucks a roll till the other day! I wonder if there could be a `bottom' as valuable, that would warrant the priciest butt-cleaning paper for its mopping? Kalmadi deserves accolades for taking the unchartered toilet route to convert `commonwealth' into `private wealth'. It has turned out to be the finest reality show in town, each episode turning out to be more intriguing. And, Kalmadi
isn't done yet!

If you are one of those who are cursing Kalmadi and his cronies in
drawing room conversations, then you are surely doing a great
disservice to mankind. Ours is a veggie country, heads don't roll here
only whistleblowers get eliminated (with impunity). It is a scam era,
stupid! Entertain yourself as Lalu's, Koda's and Kalmadi's hit the
headlines one day and slip out of our collective conscience the next

Don't be surprised if Kalmadi gets 20 kicks on his butt after the culmination of the 19th edition of the Commonwealth Games - only to move up the political ladder! Didn't Peter say that in corrupt democracies the corrupt move up the ladder in accordance with their corruption quotient. Watch the real game as it unfolds in the days ahead!


Kuldeep said...

Poor Kalmadi! After ruining, oops .. running, Indian sports for decades an ungrateful nation has the temerity to investigate how much he has paid to suppliers of toilet papers, towels, doormats and umbrellas. After all he alone is responsbile for 'desh ki izzat'! Imagine the pride our worthy guests will feel when they will realise the price of toiletpapers and doormats available to them. Kalmadi has only ensured that our guests don't carry the impression that India is a poor country. India, poor? Don't say it ever again..!! People there use $100 a roll for toilet papers!! Luxury of the West pales in front of Indian hospitality!! Long live Kalmadi!!
p.s. By the way, how come poor Kalmadi is made scapegoat for corruption worth thousands of crores sanctioned for 'infrastructure development' and 'beautification of Delhi', when he had no control over these expenditures? Saint Sonia, modest Manmohan and sincere Sheila can do nothing wrong. Therefore, blame Kalmadi ... as it is nothing can be done against him. So he gets all the brickbats while the rest divide the loot!!

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Vijay Rai said...

I like 'Jalebi' because each piece is different from the rest; just the sweetness is common.

So now the nation has the wonderful toilet paper rolls and is awaiting the worthy butts to arrive the venue that are under construction.

While we focus on the game played by Kalmadi, there are some positive things we must not forget to notice.
1. Kalmadi is the chairman of OC supported by a team with several other distinguished members. There has been an excellent team work in this game of making money and they sure deserve a medal for this. None can beat them in this game.

2. Another medal is due for all watchdogs of the nation, for sleeping while being fully paid for the job of defending the interest of nation and the tax payers. The tax collection department of UK is a looser in this game as they tried to follow the money trail from OC to the UK firm and thus revealed the scam that none of our award winning watchdogs like all teh Ministries concerned, Delhi Govt., the anti-corruption departments, the CBI, the CVC and the activ judiciary etc.

And Kudos to those who do not pay taxes, wise people indeed.