Wednesday, August 25, 2010

44. Weapon of mass attraction

What is common between George Bush, Wen Jiabao and Asif Zardari? It is universally known that each one has led his country's government - US, China and Pakistan respectively. Interestingly, the commonality between these global guys is shared by our local boys too - P Chidambaram, Omar Abdullah and Bhupinder Hooda? Yes, each of these high profile politicians have been at the receiving end of a piece of `seasoned leather'!

Latest to join the `great shoe league' is Bhupinder Singh Hooda, the Chief Minister of Haryana, who must have been thanking Shakti Singh for doing an incredible favour to him. Had Shakti not thrown shoe at him on Aug 19 at a public meeting, Hooda's popularity may have remained confined to the state only? Now, it has crossed borders and will remain in popular imagination (and the picture with the show) much after he ceases to be a political figure.

Throwing shoe at someone is considered an insult, and more recently `a weapon of mass attraction'. No wonder, in recent times it has emerged as a non-violent expression of frustration, that seeks public accountability in a democratic system. Much to the comfort of those who were aimed at, each of the shoe hurled thusfar has missed its target. Interestingly, shoe-hurling has remained a male bastion till now.

Should women like to give it a try, sandals would add colourful gender dimension to the art of shoe-hurling. Researchers argue that sandals offer better aerodynamics for the purpose than bulky shoes. Any takers!

(Reader Ritwick Dutta informs: Former judge of India's Supreme Court, Arijit Pasayat, who was responsible for granting approval to controversial bauxite plant of Vedanta in 2008, was at the receiving end of a sandal. The sandals hurled at the judge by women litigants did miss the target but `sandals' are known to make a distinction between a `judge' and a `politician'. Ha!)

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Kuldeep said...

Considering most women activists prefer to wear slippers, some crafty politician will have to sponser a sandal throw event to emerge the first politician under the fashionable sandal attack!!