Monday, October 11, 2010

46. Reduced to a number

One's birth is number and so is one's departure; innerwear has a number and so has outerwear; neither is a shoe without a number nor is a sandal; phone without number doesn't ring and neither does a mobile; success counts on number as failure rues lack of it; date is a number and so is a year.

For legendary Dev Anand age is just a number and for svelte Sobha De a senior citizen status a numerical call for celebration. But could there be life without numbers?

What if life gets a number - a twelve-digit Unique Identification Number (UID)* - aimed to promote inclusive growth by plugging leakages in public distribution of resources? None of what any number could be - rational or irrational, real or complex, surreal or hyperreal, and imaginary or perfect, UID is an attempt to digitise every citizen even if at the cost of an assault on personal freedom.

What if USA, UK, Australia, China and Germany have given up on such number for it being intrusive and bullying, ineffective and expensive? What if Hitler used an identity (yellow star) to exterminate jews? What if a numbered identity proves an assault on individual freedom in the world's largest democracy?

Dreadful history of `enforcing identity' is being made to repeat itself!

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Kabir said...

You should actually watch the movie "Brazil" something very interesting will be in front of your eyes about UID.
Suffocated Numerical life