Thursday, December 9, 2010

49. In the eyes of the beholder

What is common between Sophia Loren, Cindy Crawford and Lakshmi Menon (right)? The dusky beauty has made us proud by joining her hollywood counterparts in stripping for the 2011 Piraelli calendar. Known more for its calendar (since 1964) than the tyres the company has been manufacturing (since 1872), Piraelli has engaged some of the finest glamour photographers for capturing `female body' as a work of art.

The bold and the beautiful have seemingly arrived. Down to her birthday suit for the calendar shoot, the dusky beauty poses a compelling question: isn't nudity a matter of perception? It indeed is! Else, another beauty caught recently without a panty would not have been `cool' about it. Being nude is more than without being with the piece of cloth over vital body parts! Innocent nudes like Lakshmi pose no threat, it's the fully draped individuals caught nude in the public that are a potential hazard!

Having exposed themselves to full glare in public, Raja, Raju, Kalmadi, Koda, Telgi, Ketan, Chavan, Natwar, Vir, Sukhram and Laalu make a strong case for an Indian edition of the celebrated calendar*. However, there is no need for the likes of Terry Richardson or Karl Lagerfeld to shoot these gentlemen with their pants down! Just their pictures on the calendar leaves will make the public see through them, naked to the last tissue.

(*the eleven gentlemen make a full calendar, however, the next edition will feature eleven ladies of the likes of Dutt and Yadav. )


Shantanu said...

Beauty lies in the eyes of beholder, it come true when we saw and feel the beauty with mature and true feelings. I would like to congratulate the model to take this bold step and entered into the pirelli calender 2011!
We have taboo's in our life and thinking - we can watch adult foreign and Indian movies, search porn sites, read vulger stuff, allow media to print and show cheap stuff, but when it comes to any Indian women stripping , than we make it a issue! India has a rich heritage and culture and Kamsutra is a part of it - visit Khajurao.
There is lot for debate, but the bottom line is 'enjoy what it comes in our plate' as far as the 'stuff' is not from my kitchen garden!!

Dr.Muhammad Mukhtar said...

The difference between those who expose their body and those who are exposed for indulging in loot of the public money is that the former generates some sensation,but the later contribute in the death of justice.

Vijay Rai said...

Dr. Sudhir you have made a strong case for the Jalebi Calender for 2011 with some very interesting full nude exposes, probably with more appeal than Laxmi!
-Vijay Rai

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