Thursday, January 20, 2011

51. The other green house gas

Does double-digit economic growth translate into multi-digit jobs? It doesn't seem so as there exists a glaring disconnect between higher growth and lower employment. No wonder, growth engine in India (as well as China) is puffing out more scams than jobs. Given the economic upheaval the world has been going through, losing a job is lot easier than gaining one.

Not for maid servants though! As there are often `two jobs' on offer before they lose `one', making a mockery of growth-employment disconnect. Instead, there is a demand-supply gulf which has been smartly exploited by these unassuming women. Rarely do maids get fired for being `absent', they are instead sweet-talked over mobile for timely appearance the following day. Maids force housewives to write a new chapter in behavioural science everyday.

The enigma of maid servants continues to remain convoluted. Neither do economic sanctions work on them nor can the affected employers get an easy `bail out'. Maids are like green house gases that can swing housewives mood either way - that is often worse than the cumulative impact of all the green house gases in the atmosphere.

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Sudershan said...

Maids are indeed rare species who donot fear extinction inspite of great economic recession.Their demand will always be increasing flouting all ecnomic principles.