Monday, February 21, 2011

52. Vice is virtuous!

The institution of `vice chancellor' is one amongst multitudes of failed institutions in the public domain. Weakened on account of inept leadership, the office of vice chancellor in most universities has become a `big head' of opportunism, wickedness, corruption and politics! With a prefix `vice' attached to it, what better could have been expected? If nothing, it stands true to its prefix.

Appearing in English in the 13th century, `vice' is a habit considered immoral, depraved and/or degrading. Derived from the Latin word vitium, synonyms for vice include fault, sin, iniquity and infirmity. In more minor usage, vice can refer to a fault, a defect or merely a bad habit. No qualms therefore if the vice chancellors of the present genre fail to deliver. That is what they have been chosen for!

During a recent dinner hosted by the vice chancellor of a central university, guests were treated to cocktails by the generous host. Down to few pegs, the host wondered why one guest was without his share of a drink. `So, you don't have such vices,' quipped the vice chancellor. Much before the guest could react, the host went further, `no wonder, you are not a vice chancellor!'.


Vijay Rai said...

Thanks for the latest serving of Jalebi. It is interesting to learn about the apt pre-fix 'Vice'. Besides Chancellor, I wonder about 'Vice-presidents' and 'vice-chairmen', 'vice-principals'.

With so many vices around, are the scams brewing up due to them? It calls for a national movement to remove the 'vice' all together or at least replace them ..

I mean with another word like 'Deputy' or 'Additional' ...

-Vijay Rai

Dr Harish Gena said...

Sir, thanks for making us knowing about the historical meaning of 'vice'. We should propagate the soul hidden in the word 'vice' to be replaced with other suitable, befitting and appropriate word instead.