Monday, April 4, 2011

54. Anybody for the other cup!

The frenzy will subside and so will the inflated nationalism! But the intrusive, invasive and insidious flogging of the star cricketers will continue relentless till money poured onto them sloshes out and spills over to the hoardings on the streets. Over weeks and months ahead, the star cricketers will return the favours to their innumerable fans by selling them anything from toothpaste to mobiles.

Such vulgar transformation of cricketing heroes doesn't off-put the fans, else how could it have grown and continue to expand in time. Between the spectators and the commentators, the game of cricket has been lost to the market. Unstoppable electronic media will continue to break more `broken stories', milking every conceivable sponsorship to lift its sagging `television rating points'.

Without doubt, the Cricket World Cup is the Cup that matters for a billion-plus even when their own `cup' of woes is brimming with growing unrest, unending scams and a listless leadership. On the eve of the final, Gautam Gambhir had remarked: `There will be frenzy but I hope that people do not lose perspective. Yes, it is the World Cup but then bigger issues in our country like population, crime and corruption have yet to be resolved'.

Much before the painted tricolor of token nationalism on human skins washes away, the challenge before the cricketing heroes is to capitalise on their new found status to strike fours and sixes on the compelling issues before the nation. Is anyone willing to take `guard'?


DJfossil said...


But have to tell you that I now positively detest cricket. Not because of the game, but because how they are making so much of money with inmpunity.

Thanks to them I support any cricket team playing against India, even Puerto Rico...

Nitin said...

All said and done, we are champions and that gives me the sense of pride.

Who doesnt sell toothpastes and cold drinks? our bollywood stars do make money by endorsing American cold drinks. I ask - How do they bring pride to India? No Way!

Perhaps this is one of the events after kargill and 26/11 that the whole of the country had one common feeling. So why de-mean it?

Should i be happy about the politicians' money in swiss banks????