Thursday, May 19, 2011

55. No if, only butt

Isn't every bit of our conscious and sub-conscious trapped in a paradox? Else, Socrates wouldn't have said: `I know that I know nothing at all'. Paradoxically, it is said that people make decisions based not on what they actually want to do, but on what they think that other people want to do, with the result that everybody decides to do something that nobody really wants to do, but only what they thought that everybody else wanted to do.

Paradox is indeed a daily reality! Watchmen protecting millions stacked in bank lockers are paid in pennies; the best of cars on the roads are often in the hands of lowly paid drivers with dubious licenses; the maid who cooks nutritious food for her clients in often malnourished herself; and the chowkidars who guard residential apartments are rarely in the best of their health to defend themselves. The list doesn't end here!

Millions across the world go unnoticed for exposing their unshapely butt to address the nature's call. On the Cannes red carpet, however, every butt engages hundred of shutter bugs and occupies thousand inches of print space, as if there is no but, but only butt...