Monday, July 25, 2011

59. Is green the new red?

What has colour got to do with a revolution when revolutions are invariably `blood red'? Be it the Russian or the Chinese revolution or more recent eruptions in Egypt or Libya, revolutions have remained soaked in human blood, though none of them have ever been christened `red revoloution'.

But the revolution that promises to eradicate hunger has been painted `green'. From second green to ever green, quest for next variant of the green revolution has been high on the political agenda. That it has proved fatal to over 200,000 farmers is subsumed in the overhyped `ship to mouth' story. In giving a call for the next green revolution recently, the Prime Minister had once turned colour blind - ignoring the red tinge in the predominant green.

Should `green' be pursued that has a dominant tinge of `red' in it? Isn't red trapped in the (word) revolution surfacing within green? There are no green pastures on the other side and there are reasons for that being so. 19th century esoteric philosopher Rudolf Steiner had remarked: `green represents the dead image of life'. While green is generally seen to represent tranquil and refreshing, in many cultures green symbolizes death or the devil.

Let's be clear on green that we are talking about?

Friday, July 22, 2011

58. Depends, who the parrot is?

Parrots talk because they don't want humans to learn their language. Parrots talk because there is no other way they can communicate with humans. Parrots talk to get noticed in the house for getting their primary needs fulfilled. And, who doesn't like parrots talking!

Trouble begins when humans start talking like parrots. A sweet `hello' follows a listless unpunctuated narrative about a loan or an insurance policy. Irritating from the word go, you have little option but to hang up. But like a phoenix rising from the ashes, these parrots repeat themselves quickly. Because there is no dearth of youngsters wanting to become parrots, with their parents ever eager to be supportive. They are stupid but parrots aren't because they know when not to talk!

A friend queries: what if you could see who is tweeting from the other end?