Thursday, August 4, 2011

57. Goodbye `good', welcome `new good'

Celebrities have blurred the distinction between the good and the evil. With the gun-wielding actors, scam-tainted ministers, rape-charged politicians and killer police officers languishing in jails, the so-called `public good' of the recent past has quickly transformed into present-day `social evil'. Not for long, though! Out from jail, they return to hog the limelight through reality shows. One wonders if the evil is not the new good?

It may sound shocking but `goodness' in social life is seriously on the decline, having been replaced by what is conveniently termed as `lesser evil'. One marvels at the ingenuity of Hilary Clinton who set a trend by searching for a rare streak of goodness in Taliban, carving out `good taliban' from within the ranks and files of what till the other day was considered world's greatest enemy.

Whether you like it or not, evil has become a subjective term in the media-driven market economy of our times. The distinction between evil and good is no longer a moral or ethical question. Economics decides what is good and what is not. If an evil can sell better or can help upturn the economy, let it be the new good. Hasn't modern society endorsed good as euphemism for lesser evil?