Wednesday, September 14, 2011

63. New age writers

Parents have no reason to complain! Without any exception, not only are their kids avid readers but prolific writers as well. The entire young generation is becoming what many in the previous generation could only aspire to become - readers as well as writers. Noted writer Sir Francis Bacon had remarked: `reading makes a full man and writing an exact man'.

Yet, parents everywhere are seen complaining about these newly acquired skills of their teenage children. Without doubt, kids have become readers and writers but what they are reading and writing are text messages only. More than half of today's teenagers don't read books - except when the exams are around. In doing so, they are cut off from the civilization of their ancestors. As if the kids care!

It is an unmissable trend of producing civilizational illiterates. According to one survey, kids between the ages of 13 and 20 send and receive an average of 3,000 texts per month. So hard pressed these kids are that they often use both `thumbs' to tap their mobiles. But in doing so these kids are becoming `angootha chhap', a common expression for those who are illiterate - placing thumb impression instead of a signature.

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Vijay Rai said...

I like the expression 'Angootha Chaap educated teenagers' Hope none of mine are reading :)