Tuesday, September 20, 2011

58. 2+2 is anything but 4

Even since the phrase `do aur do panch' meaning `2 and 2 can add up to become 5' came into being, there has been a question mark in my mind whether or not 2+2 is anything but 4. Many would wonder if this has anything to do with the mathematics of `addition'. Still others would argue if this is worth any serious consideration. Isn't 2+2=4 a reality?

Yet, 2+2=5 persists in popular memory. No wonder, two movies with this title have been produced during past two decades. Isn't it a verbal expression reflecting how much more can be made out of what is at hand? Using smart street tricks, the rags-to-riches stories are often of those who could imagine beyond the obvious to turn things around in their favour.

One may not agree but it is said that 2+2 could be 0 in the rather abstract world of poetry and music. But let's address the fundamental question: does 2+2 equal 4? My answer is: 2+2 is not 4! If you don't believe me, add 2 drops of water to 2 drops of water. Does 2+2 not become 1? So, 2+2 could be 1. But two cats plus two pieces of sausages add up to remain 2 only.


Utsav said...

Are there any examples that make 2+2=5?

monika said...

If "two plus two equals five" is used as a propositional statement about integers, it must be either true or false

Sudhirendar Sharma said...

What doe 2+2 equal?

Ask a mathematician = “exactly 4”

Ask an economist = “About 4, plus or minus 5%”

Ask an accountant, he draws curtains, locks the door and says “What do you want it to equal?”

Comment by Keith Virgo