Thursday, October 20, 2011

59. United Villages of India

With cities succumbing to resource chaos and countries falling to mounting debts, it is high time the focus returns to villages - where life is still celebrated in its myriad manifestations with distinct rhythm and discreet harmony. One is reminded of Mahatma Gandhi who had said: `the true India is to be found not in its few cities, but in its seven hundred thousand villages'. Without mincing his words, Gandhi had further added: `if the villages perish, India will perish too'.

Oblivious of the dramatic decline of capitalism across the world, the growth-obsessed politicians and planners of our times are pushing villages on the brink. While the draconian `land acquisition law' will drive people away from their natural habitation, scheme to provide `employment guarantee' will provide hands-to-mouth existence for those who get evicted. The notion `less the number of villagers, better the growth prospects' is taking the country on a path of self-destruction.

Capitalist model of growth has crumbled all across, taking a heavy toll on its constituent nation-states. The fate of `United Nations' is hanging in a balance for long and the future of `United States' is anything but in dark. The nation-state theory of global governance has seemingly outlived its existence. Mahatma Gandhi was averse to the theory of nation-state and had instead argued in favor of a confederation of self-governing and self-reliant village communities.

Only be restructuring and renaming the country as `United Villages of India' can the future of the country and that of mankind be assured.


Vijay Rai said...

The way Indian politicians are dividing the nation, states and the people it will definitely be the united villages of India !

Amulya Tuladhar said...

SS, the way global capitalism have "resolved" multiple contradictions in recent history have been chronicled by neomarxist theoreticians, we got to wait to c with vigilance, if it will resurrect itself like a phoenix. India does not really have a wholly original theoretical template since the PM 's got his theoretical nuts from Oxford, only the chinese seems to have the most original counter model of development, relatively speaking, Amulya Tuladhar of Nepal