Monday, January 2, 2012

64. Embarrassing statistics

Like met predictions, cricket predictions too go haywire. When cricket pundits predict century for a star player, quite often the entire team is sent packing to the pavilion within the first hundred. From analyzing moisture content in the pitch to assessing the impact of tailwind speed and from measuring the length of grass stubs on the batting arena to predicting which face of the coin will spin up, expert commentators (who are often retired cricketers) leave little to chance in foretelling the outcome of the match, if not the series.

As the expert commentator starts showering heaps of praise on a square cut, the next ball lets the empire finger point upwards. A century of such embarrassing moments could be counted in the course of a test match series. Since each expert encounters such failed predictions, getting away from any unpleasant conversation suits them. The statisticians too play to the gallery, rarely harping on 'failed predictions' by expert commentators and 'embarrassing statistics' of star players.

For the sake of fans and viewers who often feel let down by such over-hype, the selection process should be re-invented to count 'embarrassing moments' while selecting the team. How often has the batsman helped his team lose; how many times the batsman failed to reach double-figure; how often has the bowler been clobbered and how many catches have been missed by each of the players should feature in the selection criteria. It is time we stop counting 50's, 100's and 5-wicket hauls and focus on 'embarrassing statistics' instead. Television and radio channels can take a cue, let the expert commentators be shown the door for accumulating 'failed predictions'!

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zenrainman said...

One strong recommendation from my side as a cricket follower of long years...keep the TV on mute when you watch. Just enjoy the cricket and be your own expert. :)
Talking is the disease of cricket.