Wednesday, February 22, 2012

66. The day like anyother

You would agree with me that 'love birds' are often innocent but sometimes courageous too. Else, neither would they have sustained harassment at the hands of the moral police nor would they have cuddled in public places despite mounting opposition. Even the brutal hands of police force hasn't been able to deter them from their determined display of affection in public spaces. Many wonder why police snoops on them only on Feb 14. Would it ever occur to them that a saint called Valentine had sacrificed his life for 'love' to blossom?

For them, Valentine would be like any other day but for the poking men and women in uniform. No wonder, of all the days being celebrated across the world, Valentine Day has earned a special place in the hearts of youngsters ever since it gained public recognition in the early 15th Century. Ironically, the same youngsters in our part of the world give a damn to a 'mother's' and a 'father's' day. Elsewhere in the west, youngsters do value mother's and father's day as an annual opportunity to reunite with their parents.

It is no exaggeration that far from missing their parents, young boys and girls often find the overwhelming presence of parents in their lives a bit too much to handle. Conversely, Valentine Day for them is mark the day when they express disdain on authority and control. And if they are allowed to have their way, the youth may want to have 'no mother' and 'no father' days instead!

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Vijay Rai said...

It is a pity that people in love are humiliated for displaying an emotion as basic as their love and affection by none other than our men in Khaki who are driven not by call of their duty but by their own cocept of morality. Freedom of the people is obviously not their concern.

It is high time, our parliament and the society at large get concerned.