Tuesday, February 28, 2012

73. Slam the 'slam' and 'scum' the rest

'Slam' with a prefix 'grand' is all that we have come to associate Leander Peas with. But for the politicians the arrangement changes a bit, 'grand' is post fixed to 'slam'. Else, how will you define the election-time slamming by our politicians? ‘Sonia says UP has become a mascot of corruption', 'Karat slams UPA over corruption’, ‘Mayawati slams Congress over minority reservation’, ‘Akhilesh slams Mayawati over UP crime’ and so on. Ironically, the same volley of 'corruption' gets exchanged on the political turf. One wonders if 'slamming' nets any significant 'advantage' at the ballot box!

Directed at an identified adversary, it is as hard-hitting as it could be and the return volley is no less severe either. Nothing serious because the verbal dual neither sheds any blood nor conjures up any defamation suit. It only reflects the level to which our politicians can stoop down to during elections. There is nothing creative about 'slamming' either, the vocabulary used and the phrases hurled are at best 'pedestrian'. The electorates are left with little option but to choose `the better from the worst'. Without doubt, democracy gets slammed in the process!

What might seem like hate-speech during elections turns into love-letter of coalition politics later. Those hurling choicest allegations at each other during elections become strange bed-fellows in forming the new government. After all, it is time to 'slam' the 'slam' and join hands to 'scum' the 'scam', and use the same to 'slam' the partner when the time comes to return the favors! Isn't it time that the electorates 'scum' out the slam-scam-slam democracy?

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