Tuesday, July 17, 2012

69. Put you wrong foot forward

Haven't we come across people in our lifetime who died famous, wealthy and wrong. Just stretch your memory across time and you will have a fairly reasonable list of such people, drawn from diverse walks of life. Noticeable peculiarity about becoming famous is that it becomes less relevant if you're right. In no way should it be construed that wrong is the right thing to be! It is, however, another matter that like anti-matter which overwhelms the universe, the world is made of more 'wrongs' than 'rights'. 

Leaders make wrong utterances, politicians deliver wrong punches, judges pronounce wrong judgements, dentists uproot wrong teeth, police encounter wrong people, scientists deliver wrong research and the list goes on! There are people in the world, with some status but more power, who are just wrong. And then there are the masses of population that are right, who knows well who all are 'wrong' but lack sufficient arguments to prove how wrong the wrongs are. 

Ironically, those who do wrong continue to believe that they are right. Psychologists now concur that being strategically wrong is good strategy when the cost of being wrong are low and the strategic advantages high. After all digging up the truth is often more trouble than it is worth, being strategically wrong is, sadly, often an excellent strategy.  Further, being wrong saves one from the blushes of being proven wrong! 

Conversely, it is the 'right people' who are often unnerved at being proven wrong, particularly when they are really right and the person who is really wrong is proving them wrong and proving himself, wrongly, right. If the way of the world is anything to go by then the best bet in life seemingly would be 'to put the wrong foot forward'. Try it out if you sincerely think that you are right and being right doesn't carry any premium. Else, prove me wrong for whatever worth it might be!


Dr Harish Gena said...

The word, action or act 'right' exists only due to the word, action or act 'wrong'. There would not be any importance and meaning of 'right' without most likely word, action or act 'wrong'. We have to live with both the sides of a coin.
Thanks for logically dsicribing the 'wrong' in 'right' manner.
H. C. Gena

Giridhar Kinhal said...

There is nothing like wrong foot!!! Right foot and left foot are the connotations, while right foot conveys as to to put your strong foot forward. As the Jalebi argues even wrong action or wrong punch and so on could be the right foot of many, as construed here in!!!! Good reading.

Vijay Rai said...

The author is very right in describing wrong! A wrong man putting forward his wrong foot will be right; so in a world full of wrong people, it is fine if they all stretch their wrong foot forwards; and if they are wrong, the right foot is always there a stand by.

Sorry I got carried away by the rhythm of the article; very smooth and very coiled, very jalebi like!