Friday, August 3, 2012

73. Check the reference

Employers carry mixed feeling on reference checks for hiring fresh faces. Often times, hiring managers fall in love with a candidate on paper and then again in an interview, only to find out through a reference check that none of their previous employers would ever hire them again. At the other end of the spectrum are those who, despite careful reference check, get their real reference from colleagues after employment has begun. 

So, what's the deal? Do references matter? More often than not, references listed at the end of curriculum vitae are tutored to provide glowing reports on the candidate. To ride over such predictable outcomes, employers have started switching to social networking sites to check on candidate's outpourings and public image. What kind of people the candidate networks with; with whom the candidate is close enough and what kind of opinion s/he holds on general issues. Though it helps eliminate the weakness inherent in the conventional  referral system, it becomes so watered down that it may indeed be useless at the end!

If behavior, attitude, aptitude and ambitions are what the employer is looking to unearth before hiring the candidate then there could be nothing better than contacting - the maid servant for candidate's gender sensitivity', the plumber for candidate's attitude towards junior colleague; the landlord for candidate's aptitude towards others' property; and the girl next door for checking on candidate's aspirations in life. Interestingly, each of these references are only a mobile call away 24x7. Good luck with fresh hiring! If these do not apply in your case, get back for a new reference checklist!

For senior level hiring, however, may I recommend ex-boss's wife and candidate's driver as perfect reference checks!

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Narendra said...

Ha ha. Thats yet another way of looking at things. Sounds more plausible. Likely to work.