Wednesday, September 12, 2012

75. The y of x

Mark my words, x-factor is a 'reality' that exists all around in various manifestations. From an 'unknown quantity' to an 'inherent charisma', x-factor carries an air of ambition for a celebrity while it may remain a mystery for any mathematician. Abstract unquantifiable commodity it may be, x-factor is more relevant 'now' then when it may have been first 'invented'. Interestingly, we all have that sixth sense to spot the unknown but vital quality called x-factor in people. No wonder, for some Angelina Jolie has a x-factor whereas for others it may be Christiano Ronaldo.    
Though it is rarely included in a job description, it does work during interviews as candidates who possess it survive early cuts during the culling process. In judging competitions, x-factor becomes a definite consideration in picking the `best' from the 'better'. What qualities determine x-factor are often unknown but human resource specialists can usually separate candidates with a certain x-factor from those who do not possess it. Like enigmatic dark matter, x-factor has been known to exist without any evidence of its actual existence.  
Prescript 'x' with 'e' without missing anything on its phonetic expression and you get a more definite meaning of the word called 'ex', which unlike x-factor can easily 'mar' your life. Not sure, how? Try recalling any of the 'ex-factors' in your life - ex-wife, ex-husband, ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend,  whose existence is not only certain but quantifiable too. Even if they are out of sight, they are rarely out of one's mind. While x-factor is surely something to live for and look forward to, ex-factor can easily suck life out of you without there being anything in it to look forward to. 

The flip side of the story is that once you have an 'ex' in your life, you have to live with it for ever. This is one x-factor that no one would dream to have!        

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