Thursday, May 23, 2013

76. I am in a 'fix'......and you?

Some of the recent events have cast an ominous shadow on my toilet. Sounding reticent, the plumber has refused to 'fix' the leaking cistern! Firm in his resolve, he has asked me to go in for 'repair' instead. What if repair doesn't 'fix' the problem? None of his concern but he assures me that the municipal guy will not come knocking at my door for leakages. They only come snooping down when things are 'fixed'! Couldn't argue any further with him! 

Things have suddenly gone weird this past week, plumber being one amongst the many. A friend who was seeking my date for a bash the other day has suddenly gone silent. When I accosted him for not 'fixing' the date, he hung up and has gone on 'switched off' mode since then. In return a text message popped up on my mobile, which reads: 'the bash is being 'arranged'. How unlucky, nothing seems to be getting 'fixed' for me these days! Much to my displeasure, things are either being 'repaired' or 'arranged'.        

Better that things are not getting 'fixed' for me, I'm told, else I will in league with the cabinet minister who has been stripped of his portfolio for 'fixing' plum positions and a cricketer who is sweating it out in prison for 'spot fixing'. Thanks for their defiant actions, all acts of 'fixing' have come under the scanner. But wasn't the government tryng to 'fix' all acts of pilferages and leakages? They were but not any more, so it seems! The so-called long-hands-of-law are being over-stretched to 'fix' those who are 'fixing' the problems else nothing will ever get 'fixed'. But what about my cistern, who will 'fix' it? God, save me!                

God is busy in the heaven, 'fixing' marriages! But if marriages can be 'fixed' in heaven why can't my cistern be 'fixed' on earth? Because marriage is not a cistern and apparently cisterns don't exist in heaven! Further, 'hand-of-God' applies for 'fixing' celestial affairs only. Anyone for 'fixing' terrestrial leakages?

I am in a 'fix'! Oops! 

(written in response to tge match fixing in the game of Cricket)

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