Sunday, December 27, 2009

22. Not let down by age

Octagenarian politician N D Tiwari, who was caught in a compromising position with three women in the prestigious Raj Bhawan in Hyderabad as alleged by the `sex tape' aired on televsion chanels since Dec 24, 2009, has proved the common adage - that Indians have more(sex)in the brain than in the groins. Though the old man flocked with women in bed, his resignation from the coveted post of Governor was on `health grounds'. Amusing!

Without doubt, such acts cannot be a one-off episode. These have a history! No wonder, in a musical evening in Dehradun on Dec 26 wherein well-known gharwali singer Narendra Singh Negi sang his smash-hit Nauchami Narayan, a cult song that derides the former chief minister for his alleged romantic escapades, a voice from the crowd hollered `he has been caught this time.'

Tiwari's lifestyle has been a common public knowledge. Any number of people that this blogger could talk to confirmed of having known about it. Consequently, not many were surprised by what they saw. Amazingly, why is it that what is in common knowledge doesn't get acknowledged by the powers-that-be? Seems no one has the courage to tell the emperor what he's wearing.....or not wearing.