Monday, June 20, 2011

56. It is worth a fall

Have you ever missed out on being a victim of a `chair prank'? Undoubtedly humiliating, the experience is nonetheless virtuous. Simply put, it is the hapless squatter who has the last laugh as the cheering onlookers get their share of momentary but perverted fun. Rarely if ever is such humiliation revenged!

As the butt lands hard on the floor, many windows open with a whimper to the victim. The downside-up view of the world reveals that deceit is friendly, insult is infectious and intimidation is collective. Net response is a sheepish smile as one is helped on one's feet.

The decade-old shocking fall at the Lake Palace had evoked a hearty laughter by the victim herself. The exquisite location had propped up the young doctor for a quick picture when a trainee staff, out of sheer courtesy, had pulled the chair off. The collective laughter had saved the intern the day, and his job too.

Being at the receiving end of a `chair prank' involves a capacity of civility, for restraint, which is an extreme complicated human social achievement. It demolishes bloated ego in a flash, replacing it with patience and humility. Let someone play `chair prank' with ministers, bureaucrats and executives, their bloated egos need a quick `fall'.

(the author was victim of a `chinese chair prank' recently, the base of the China-made chair had broken away)